English in Psychology for Students and Practitioners II

This course aims to further improve and polish your English skills in psychology, since a good command of English has become indispensable to students, researchers and practitioners. The course includes written and oral exercises such as summaries, discussions and presentations that enhance your productive competencies as well as reading and listening tasks that improve your receptive skills aimed towards automating both processes.

To optimize your understanding of demanding and complex academic publications, various reading tasks on a range of psychology topics are assigned throughout the course. Furthermore, writing techniques are introduced and common phrases as well as special terminology are practiced. More complex listening exercises familiarize you with various presentation styles and accents to improve your capacity to easily extract and understand essential information.

In general your fluency and precision in reading, discussing, presenting and writing are consolidated creating even more confidence. You are encouraged to work on your own materials and topics of interest, and you will receive additional individual support where needed.

This course will take place at the Department of Psychology (Missionsstrasse 64a).

Course information

Course level
17.03.2020 - 26.05.2020
Sandra Senti, Dr.
Credit points
Registration deadline
Monday 09.03.2020
Course fee
Students and PhD candidates: CHF 291.00
University employees: CHF 579.00
Alumni: CHF 579.00
Alumni FHNW: CHF 579.00

There will be no class on 7 and 21 April 2020.

Course materials

Handouts, publications and wordlists provided by the lecturer.


Requirements for acquisition of credit points

In order to receive credit points, candidates will

  • not be absent more than once,
  • read and prepare selected articles,
  • learn new vocabulary,
  • submit two satisfactory texts (if a text is unsatisfactory, it may be resubmitted once),
  • prepare an oral presentation based on an article (20-30 min. including class discussion plus a one-page handout).

You can get a total of 3 credit points.

Students are assessed by means of a portfolio (pass/fail).


± 120 minutes / week

Certificate of attendance

In order to receive a certificate of attendance (available on request) for this course, you are not allowed to be absent more than maximum one time.

Placement test

This course requires either an obligatory computer placement test or completion of a preceding course. If you have not attended a preceding course, a computer placement test has to be taken prior to registration.

Replacement date

The supplementary replacement date for lessons that might not take place is: 16 May 2020 from 10:00 - 16:00.

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