Writing to Be Published for the Social Sciences and Humanities – Submitters

The writing for publication programme is offered in collaboration with the Graduate School of Social Sciences (G3S). All modules are free of charge for G3S members. Participants from other PhD programmes and Faculties are also welcome. These non-G3S participants can inquire about costs from the Language Center.

The programme consists of two modules that build on each other:
1. Writers guides and supports participants in the writing process
2. Submitters assists them in polishing a manuscript for submission.


In this second, individualised module, the focus is on polishing aspects of a completed manuscript so that it is ready to submit to a publication. Participants receive detailed written editorial suggestions for improvement. In a one-on-one meeting with the lecturer, he explains the underlying principles that inform his editorial suggestions.

You can register for this module by appointment, after completion of the Writers module. To do so, please contact the lecturer

Course information

Course level
Stephan Meyer, MA
Registration deadline
Friday 20.12.2019

Course materials



To gain entry to this second module, participants must have completed the Writers module.

Certificate of attendance

In order to receive a certificate of attendance (available on request) for this module, you must attend the editorial consultation with the lecturer.

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